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In your wildest dreams imagine an adventurous vacation that combines healthy outdoor activities, cultural experiences, soothing spa treatments and romantic picnics, lunches and dinners. Further imagine, not having to plan it all by letting the companies listed in the sidebar create your dream vacation. Peace, serenity and ease soothe your mind-set as turn-key event and activity booking companies arrange all your activities.

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Our expert travel companies will lead you to the latest and greatest offerings of Telluride and the San Juans. From calming days of hiking, golfing and sightseeing ghost towns, to more spirited journeys horseback riding, mountain biking and glider riding, adventure companies will keep you and your family on the move and stimulated. If you want heart-thumping adventures, you may have them. If you want to mix up your vacation time with creative, mindful engagements, consider cooking, or arts and crafts classes or a pleasant historic walking tour enlivened by a local comical tour guide.

If you like to plan your excursions, let IT suggest a sampling of a perfect week in Telluride and the San Juans. Pick up a copy of TellurideStyle Magazine to capture the full spirit of Telluride and its people while in town.

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