The Low Down

Ski Country

Telluride’s ski terrain is incredible, particularly on blue-sky days like today, Feb 12, 2011. The mountain is alive with locals skiing their little caches of snow, while visitors are gawking at the views and learning to get into the rhythms of nature. As for this local family, one child is up skiing with her buds; the other just got out of ACT testing and awaits a basketball game with Ignacio; and my hubbie and my took our German shepherd on a two-mile walk near our ranchlands and watched an old Western movie call The Last of the Dogmen. We love it!  We are most excited for Telluride’s varsity team to play Ignacio as they are good rivals and Telluride is quite geared up as they have been on a winning streak—five in a row including last nights, which was the first time the Dolores varsity girls lost to Telluride in 20 years!!!!! They lost only by a bucket. The boys won, too.

Varsity Girls

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